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Interior Designer Helmi Vaga is a member of the Society of British Interior Designers

Helmi Vaga is a member of the
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What is a minimalist interior design?

A minimalist interior design style is an ideal choice for rooms where a soothing and tranquil atmosphere is important. The term minimalist is used by interior designers to describe a 'pared back' look which features just the essentials.

Minimalism in interior design can can embrace contemporary designs, modern designs and interiors which feature retro styles.

Space and light

Interior designers know that space and light play a keys role in a minimalist room or space. With the aim to maximise a sense of airiness and space, wall colours are selected from the cool and warm shades of white. A neutral palette allows both natural and electric light to play its part to maximum effect. Light fittings for a minimalist interior tend to be 'industrial' in design e.g. track lights, art lamps, hidden lighting and accent spotlights.

Windows and walls

Architectural features are important in a minimalist design with walls, doorways and windows becoming design features in their own right. Bare windows complement the minimalist style, but for a little more privacy discreet modern shutters or blinds work well. Large walls of clear or tinted glass are commonly used to create a sense of airiness and maximize natural light.

Fabrics and furniture

Interior designers use fabrics which are suitable for the minimalist look and are usually monochrome, sleek and smooth to touch. Furniture is modern and streamlined, glossy textures and straight lines.

Accessories and Art

Accessories don't usually feature highly in a minimalist interior design as the principle theory is to create an open, clutter-free environment. The best accessories for a minimalist space are large statement pictures, sculptures or architectural features such as glass staircases, chrome balustrades and wooden or tiled floors.


Paint, fabric and flooring colours are usually a shade of white or neutral colours such as pale beige, taupe, stone or green shades. Accent colour should only be one colour – any bright colour that appeals to you will look great!

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Minimalist interior design styles

"Cool colours are the essence of a minimalist interior design"

Minimalist interior design styles

"Architectural features become design features in their own right."

Minimalist interior design styles

"Understated minimalism for a bedroom interior design"

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